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ACH Check Processing with PayJunction

Please take a moment to review general ACH rules and guidelines to ensure your business remains compliant with ACH rules and PCI compliance.

A signed ACH Authorization is required for every ACH transaction. 

  • Every ACH transaction must include a corresponding ACH Authorization.
  • Every ACH Authorization must be signed by the customer.
  • Signed ACH Authorizations protect the business from losses due to ACH disputes. If an ACH transaction is disputed, the signed ACH Authorization protects the business. Otherwise, if a signed ACH Authorization form does not exist, the business automatically loses that dispute.
  • The signed authorization form must be kept on file for 2 years. PayJunction's ACH system automatically stores all ACH Authorization forms for 2 years (minimum).

The importance of collecting valid email addresses for every ACH transaction. 

  • PayJunction automatically emails the ACH Authorization to the customer. 
  • In order to collect a signature on the ACH Authorization, a valid email address must be used.
  • The customer can sign the ACH Authorization via their Computer, Phone or Tablet.
  • By using PayJunction's automated email service for ACH Authorizations, your customers can conveniently sign from the safety of their own device. Additionally, your business is protected against disputes and remains compliant with ACH rules.

Information regarding ACH Rejects, also known as "Bounced Checks"

  • If you get an ACH Reject, this means that the deposit for an ACH transaction was rejected and the transaction is considered un-paid.
  • Please note, each ACH Reject costs $10.00.

For instructions to resolve ACH Rejects go here:

To view all ACH Rejects, go here:

  • You can view all of your ACH Rejects within your PayJunction account, at any time.
  • Login to your PayJunction account
  • In the left-side menu, go to: Alerts >> ACH Rejects

Email notification for all ACH Rejects:

  • We will send an email any time there is 1 or more rejects. 
  • The email address that we use for all ACH Reject notifications can be found within your PayJunction account:
    • On the left-side menu, click More, then go to Accounts.
    • Select your ACH Terminal.
    • Find the email address on the right side of the screen.
  • Please let us know if a different email address should be used.