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Invalid Shop - Blocked 3rd party cookies

If you encounter the Invalid Shop error message while trying to run a payment on the PayJunction Hosted Payment page, your Browser might preventing third party cookies.



To enable 3rd party cookies in Chrome, please follow the steps bellow:

  • Go to Chrome settings on upper right of the screen:
  • Click on Privacy and Security:
  • Click on Cookies and other site data:
  • Then please make sure the Block third-party cookies option isn't checked:


Those images are from Chrome Version 106.0.5249.119 but the steps are fairly similar in other versions and even other browsers like Firefox and Edge. 

If you need further assistance, please call technical support.

We are available at 800-601-0230:

  • M-F 6am-5pm PST
  • Saturday: 10am-3pm PST
  • Sunday: 10am-1pm PST