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How do I increase my processing limits?

PayJunction places limits in case of unusually large volumes or transactions, but wants to be sure that you can run your normal business operations without running into your limits. To increase your limits, you will want to submit our Limit Increase Form. We recommend that you submit this form in the event that you will be repeatedly exceeding your limits. For large transactions that are not typical, you can call in for one-time large ticket authorizations.

New merchant accounts are subject to stricter limitations. If your account has been open for less than three months, PayJunction may require you to wait before we increase your limits. In the meantime, you will still be able to call in for one-time authorizations.

Permanent Limit Increases

If you have a limit that you are likely to exceed during normal business operations (i.e. not due to a rare occurrence), you should apply for a permanent limit increase. You will need to send in the Limit Increase Form with supporting documents and you can expect a response within one business day.

Limit Increase Form

In order to increase the processing volumes for your merchant account with PayJunction, please download and complete the Limit Increase Form by clicking on the link below.

Once complete, please return the signed documents to us be either:

The form is attached here:


Supporting Documents

PayJunction reviews bank statements and accounting statements to determine your eligibility for higher limits:

  • Three months of bank statements are required unless you have submitted bank statements in the past six months. When you send bank statements, you must send statements from the checking account we have on file. They should be from the most recent three months.
  • Income Statement & Balance Sheet are required if your Monthly Volume request is greater than $50,000 or your High Ticket request is greater than $5,000. 
    A: 12-month financial statements for previous year to include the balance sheet and income statement
    B. Year to date financial statements to include the balance sheet and income statement
    Note: If any of these financial statements are audited (or prepared by an independent accountant), please include any opinions and notes to the report.

PayJunction is held accountable, should your business receive excessive returns or chargebacks. We review limit requests based on two factors:

Necessity Higher limits open the door to larger and greater amounts of returns/chargebacks. PayJunction will only increase your limits if it looks like your business will need it moving forward. If you want an $80,000 Monthly Limit, we want to see $80,000 being deposited into your checking account per month, on average.
Financial Stability PayJunction is liable in the event you cannot cover your returns or chargebacks. PayJunction requires that you keep a running checking account balance above your High Ticket Limit. Your financial statements should also reflect that your business is healthy and will continue to be profitable.

One-Time Authorizations

You will want to call in for one-time authorizations if you have an unusually large transaction or if you are not currently eligible for a permanent increase. Call (800) 601-0230 to get your transactions authorized. Be prepared to answer the following questions when you call in:

  • What is the nature of the transaction?
  • Have you done business with this customer before?
  • Do you have a signed invoice with explicit terms and conditions listed?
  • If the card is not present have you collected security information (i.e. address verification and CVV code)
  • Is it an international card?

PayJunction may be able to authorize your transaction if you have taken the proper precautions and have not had prior issues with rejects on your bill or excessive chargebacks. However, meeting the above criteria does not guarantee approval for a One-Time Authorization request.

Atypically large transactions present higher risk potential. Historically, PayJunction merchants have faced possible loss scenarios for one-time authorization requests. These transactions are often correlated with fraud. Make sure you take as many steps as possible to assess the legitimacy of the customer. Transactions made over the phone, online, or on international cards increase the risk of chargebacks and if you do not take the proper security measures, you will lose the chargeback if the customer decides to dispute.

For more information, see:

Please contact our support staff at 800-601-0230 x 5 if you have any questions about these requirements.

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