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Why can't I login (login and/or password are incorrect)?

You must type your login and password exactly the same way they are created.  

5 incorrect login attempts in a row will temporarily suspend your account for 15 minutes. Wait 15 minutes and try again.

Please check the following:

  • Login and Passwords are case sensitive – Check to see if your Caps Lock is on, (if so turn it off and try again).  The login “johnsmith” is not the same as “JohnSmith”; please be sure you are entering your login information correctly.

  • You forgot your login and / or password – If you can’t remember your login and password, try clicking the Forgot password? link on the login screen to reset it.  A reset email will be sent to you with instructions to update your password.
    See:  I forgot my password, how can I reset it?
  • Your account may be turned off – It’s possible that your account has been deactivated.  This can happen if you cancel your account, or if your merchant account provider failed to draft their billable fees from your account. Call our Support team to resolve this issue (800-601-0230 x 3)