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I voided my customer's transaction, but the customer says they still see the charge on their account, how can I remove the charge?

PayJunction supports "reversals," and therefore, voiding a transaction will generally remove the temporary pending authorization on the customer's credit card within 1 business day.  Some credit card issuing banks will take 2 to 3 days to remove the pending charge.

Pending transactions will reduce the customer's available credit card (or debit card balance) balance, but will not actually charge the customer's card.

If a temporary pending authorization does not "drop off" the customer's card within 3 days, the customer's issuing card bank may not support "reversals."  You may contact the customer's issuing card bank directly by dialing the number located on the back of the customer's credit card.  Together with the customer, you may inform the customer's card issuing bank that you (as the merchant) do not intend to collect the funds associated with the six-digit approval code given to the original transaction.  The card issuing bank will remove the temporary pending transaction from your customer's card.

The six-digit authorization or approval code is listed on the transaction details page next to the Explanation field: