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How Do I Manually Settle My Batches?

Auto Settle vs. Manual Batching

For your convenience, all accounts are set up to auto settle every evening. However, you can update your account to manually batch if needed.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Your PayJunction account will auto settle every day unless you turn off Automatic Settle. By default, PayJunction batches your transactions automatically every night at 8 p.m. in your local time zone (unless you changed your default settings).

You cannot manually settle your account while auto settle is turned on. Therefore, to manually settle your account, you must first turn off auto settle.

  1. Click More > Accounts, then select your account.
  2. In the Account Setting section, click the Edit button.
  3. To manually control your batches, turn Automatic Settle to Off.
  4. Click Save Changes.

If Automatic Settle is turned off, then you will need to manually batch or settle your terminal by performing the following steps:

  1. Select Batches from the menu on the left.
  2. Click the blue Settle Batch button next to your batch.
  3. You will see a message that reads: "Are you sure you want to settle this batch? This will deposit funds from the terminal's transactions into your account." Click Yes, Settle Batch.
  4. You will see a message that reads: "Settling your batch now. It may take a few minutes to show in your previously settled batches. Refresh your page if the batch does not show immediately." Click OK.

Warning:  Remember to turn auto settle back on if your business normally operates with auto batching. Failure to settle your transactions will prevent future funds from transferring into your checking account. How do I change my batch settings (or settlement cut-off hour)?