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How can I find a customer's transaction?

Step-By-Step Instructions

PayJunction allows you to narrow your searches by a variety of factors including: name, amount, card type, charge or refund type, date ranges, last 4 digits of a card, and more. 

To locate a transaction:

  1. Click on the Search button on the left of the page.

  2. Fill out any fields you want to search by.  Filling out all fields is NOT required.

  3. Click the green Search button at the bottom. If no results are found, then revise your search.

  4. Hover over the eyeball icon to the left of the transaction you are searching for, and click on View Transaction.

  5. The transaction details will be displayed.

  6. When viewing transaction details, you may be presented with the options to edit, recharge, refund, hold, or void a transaction (and more).

Description of Available Fields

Company Search by business name.
First Name Search by customer first names.
Last Name Search by customer last names.
Customer ID Search by customer ID’s assigned by your company to your customers (if specified).
Invoice or PO Search by transaction Invoice or Purchase Order number (if specified).
Amount Search by specific transaction amounts.
Payment Type Search by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Checking or Savings.
Action Search for Charges, Refunds, or Authorizations (temporary holds).
Sub Action Search for charges or authorizations that have been forced (i.e. transactions with force codes).
State Search for transactions that are Approved, Declined, or Pending.
Posture Search for transactions that are set to Capture, Hold, or Void.
Last 4 Digits Search by the last 4 digits of the credit card number or account number.
Approval Code Search by the six-digit approval code given to approved charges.
Transaction ID Search by the PayJunction specific transaction ID assigned to a transaction.
From The begging time frame to restrict your search to (for example, search for transactions processed on or after January 1st, 2010).
To The ending time frame to restrict your search to (for example, search for transactions processed on or before Janury 1st, 2010).
Terminal Search by the account (or terminal) that the transaction was processed on.
User Search for transactions processed by a specific user.
Service Search for transactions processed by a particular Trinity System service: Virtual Terminal for orders processed while directly logged into PayJunction, QuickShop for web orders, QuickLink for e-Commerce or custome application orders, EasySwipe for wireless smart phone transactions, Phone Charge for orders processed by touch tone telephone / cell phone, and Recurring for transactions processed by PayJunction’s automated scheduling system.