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How do I schedule a recurring ACH transaction?

PayJunction provides a powerful recurring transaction system that allows you to schedule ACH transactions with ease.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Follow these steps in order to create a recurring ACH transaction.  

  1. Click on Recurring, in the left-side menu.
  2. Then click New Recurring
  3. Next fill out the Routing Number and Account Number.
  4. Select the Account Type: Checking or Savings
  5. Select the Transaction Type:
    1. (PPD) Consumer Account: Prearranged Payment and Deposit entry. Used when taking payments from regular customers based on an agreement.
    2. (CCD) Business Account: Corporate Credit or Debit entry. Used when taking payments from businesses based on an agreement.
    3. (TEL) Order via Telephone: Telephone initiated entry. Used when taking payments over the telephone.
  6. Under the schedule section enter the parameters for the recurring schedule:
  7. In the drop down box next to the Bill Every field select Days, Weeks or Months.
  8. In the End After box, enter how many approved transactions you would like the recurring schedule to process before it ends.
  9. Fill out any other required fields (and optional fields if you like).
    • The Amount is the amount that you want to charge your customer each time.
  10. Scroll to the bottom and click Process Recurring.
  11. Upon a successful transaction, you will see a grey box denoting the schedule is active.

If you designed your schedule to start today, you will see a confirmation of the first transaction at the bottom of the recurring transaction details page.

Future scheduled transactions will automatically run at approximately 6am local time; these ACH transactions will automatically settle the same day at 3pm PST (unless you have changed your automatic settlement settings and time).