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How Do I Update the Card Number or Checking Account for a Recurring Schedule?

PayJunction will notify you if a customer's recurring transaction fails so that you may contact the customer and obtain updated billing information.

  1. Click on the Recurring button on the left.

  2. Click on the search box next to the All Statuses drop down menu and type in the name on the customer's schedule.

  3. Click on the Eyeball icon to the left of the delinquent customer's name.

  4. To edit the recurring schedule click the Edit button.

  5. To update the payment information, click Update Payment.

  6. Enter the updated account information.  To update billing address information, edit the fields as desired:
  7. Save changes at the bottom of the page:
  8. The recurring transaction schedule will be updated for future transactions.  Our system will maintain the correct number of future transactions to bill.