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Sycle with PayJunction Extension

Instructions to connect Sycle with your PayJunction account. 

Note: If you are already integrated and are updating to use the PayJunction Extension please skip to Step 3

1) PayJunction API Credentials

  1. If you have not already - create API Credentials in PayJunction (i.e. API Login and API Password).

2) Sycle Setup Instructions

  1. Log into Sycle and open the Administration tab.
  2. Scroll down to Clinics and select the clinic you wish to set up from the dropdown.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the PayJunction section.
  5. Enter the QuickLink ID (the API Login and API Password).
  6. Click Save.PayJunction Setup Instructions

3) PayJunction Payment Extension Setup Instructions

  1. How to install PayJunction's No-code Payments Integration

4) Using the PayJunction Extension with Sycle

  1. Sign into your Sycle Account.
  2. Click on the PayJunction Icon located in the upper right of your browser screen: PJ-Logo.png
  3. Sign in to the PayJunction extension.
  4. After signing in, close the extension.
    It will Auto-open in the Purchase Summary page when you need to take a payment.
    Note: Your session will expire, so you will need to log in every day. 
  5. Watch the videos below to see how to take payments with the PayJunction Extension with Sycle.


Tutorial Videos for taking payments:

Sycle Pro:

Sycle Private Practice:

Support Contact Information

For additional assistance with this setup or payments please contact PayJunction Support

  • 800-601-0230 x3
  • Submit Support Request Here

For all other concerns please contact Sycle Support: